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Teaching the art of Chocolate, Tea & Coffee with MATE.

MATE is one of the largest agricultural-focused, multi-disciplinary higher education institutions in Hungary, and Europe and has an outstanding role in world-class education.

Project & Client Overview.

5 years after MATE's 'chocolate-coffee-tea' master course was first launched, it was time for a fresh redesign and new platform.

Originally, MATE’s website was built on Joomla and has grown to a sizeable audience. With the growing demand, it was time for a shift from Joomla to WordPress to build a new platform that is secure, automated, and optimized for their goals of future growth.

Project Goals & Challenges.

  • Create a secure student area with PDF management and appointment features.
  • Make the content of the site more digestible for the readers.
  • Migrate CMS from Joomla to WordPress without affecting google rankings.
  • Reduce yearly development costs by 75%
  • Create a highly customizable website that MATE can edit with ease.
  • Make the website GDPR compliant
  • Give the website a minimalist redesign that integrates the branding material
  • Automate emails notification & course reminders

Design Quick Bits.


The content on the site is informative, but it can also be tedious and difficult to read, so we needed to strike a balance between providing just enough information without overwhelming the reader and highlighting the important parts so people don’t miss them.

To achieve this, we adopted a “tab-like” layout and design that allows the information to flow seamlessly rather than spreading it across multiple pages. Readers can access what they need easily and navigate back and forth quickly without constantly having to switch between different pages.

Design key points.

  • Web Style guides
  • Improved UX
  • Tab-like design for better segmentation
  • Reusable design templates
  • Custom icons & illustrations
  • Student & Login area


desktop and mobile view of csokoladekavetea.hu home page


desktop and mobile view of csokoladekavetea.hu-s about us page

Student Application.

mobile and desktop view of mate's application page

Course Material Downloads & Student area.

desktop and mobile view of a website showing downloadable PDFs

Dev Quick Bits.


Mate had a very clear vision of what they wanted to do with the website in the future, so scalability was the main goal we had to keep in mind.

The website is fully automated from booking cancellations/changes & e-mail notifications to user registration and onboarding.

MATE’s team can easily access, edit and modify the content from the backend safely and with ease to save time and reduce human error.

Development key points.

  • Secure login
  • Student area with PDF management
  • Course booking feature & integration
  • Notification & reminder automation
  • Custom post types
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Simplified and automated student registration
  • Reusable assets
  • Automated image and pdf compression

Course Booking & Management System.

view of employee page showing the current employees and their availablility
table like view of customer page showing the current customers
table like view of services page showing the current appointment types
table view of the booking system showing the paid invoices



Time saved on manual tasks


increase in lead generation


reduction on development costs

a greyed out profile picture of our client from mate

I received calls from prospective participants who are interested in joining our training program and they started by saying things like 'your website is beautiful' and 'I found everything on it with ease'. I was very pleased because these were the two main goals that we aimed to achieve with the redesign. I am glad that we worked with araneaxl because they were willing and flexible throughout the project. Not only were they open to our ideas, but they also came up with many creative solutions to our challenges.

Agoston Temesi
Associate Professor
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Conclusion & Lessons learned.


Working with a university is always an interesting and challenging endeavor. MATE is a very prestigious university so their processes are very strict and laid out, so we had to be very flexible during the project and had to make sure everything is cleanly documented to stay within scope and on track to finish the project in time.

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