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Bringing the Joy of Pump tracks to Hungary.

Orbitrex is a Hungarian small business focused on building Pump Tracks and Singletrack trails throughout Hungary in collaboration with government organizations nationwide.

Project & Client Overview.

Orbitrex reached out to us for help with 2 things: revamping their website and creating custom creatives for their safety guides that are used at the finished tracks.

Their current website needed to be updated, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly by today's standards. They were looking for a website that their team can handle in-house, leaves room for growth, and highlights their professionalism and personality while simultaneously outshining the competition.

Project Goals & Challenges

  • Create a highly customizable website that leaves room for growth
  • Vastly improve UX for better conversion
  • Create creatives that both the older and younger generations can enjoy
  • Design a unique website that differentiates from the competition making Orbitrex impossible to confuse with others in the industry 

Our involvement.

Tech Used.

Year: 2021

Client: Orbitrex-SDM LLC.

Design Quick Bits.


Before getting our hands dirty, we’ve done a thorough workshop with Orbitrex to get an in-depth view of their business. After we’ve reached a conclusion we created several custom page designs that integrated ORBITREX’s brand guidelines and marketing collateral in a collaborative & iterative fashion.

Additionally, We’ve created and prepared several creative assets for them to use in the real world targeting both the younger and the older generations. The Assets were prepared for printing, keeping different surfaces in mind.

Design key points.

  • Web Style guides
  • Simplified navigation
  • Custom page designs
  • Reusable design templates
  • Custom illustrations
  • Hand-drawn illustrations for the safety guides
  • Custom Icons
  • Site Animations


Services Page.

Safety Guides custom design & illustrations.

Dev Quick Bits.


Flexibility & Expandability were 2 key points Orbitrex wanted from their website from a development standpoint. Because of that, we’ve used WordPress as the CMS & Elementor as the foundation.

The website is highly customizable and everything is easily editable and within reach from the dashboard. The team at Orbitrex can easily update and create new projects as they roll out.

Development key points.

  • Custom Map view of finished tracks
  • Custom Post Type Setup for project variations
  • Automated image sizing and compression
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Analytics & Tracking integrations
  • Database & code cleanup



Increase in lead generation


increase in overall conversion


Increase in revenue

a greyed out profile picture the CEO of Orbitrex

When it comes to consistent, top-quality web design, flawless strategy, and execution, I needn’t look further than araneaxl. The dedication to their projects is extremely invaluable, not to mention the positive attitude and diligence always made Nori and Roland a pleasure to work with. They bring in a lot of valuable know-how and help you build an amazing website. 
I recommend them without reservation.

Kristof Gyori
CEO & Founder of Orbitrex SDM LLC.

Conclusion & Lessons learned.


As a small business working with government agencies Orbitrex's plans are constantly in flux. They cannot afford major changes during the project, so we had to be very thorough on every decision that was made along the way.

To tackle this issue, we worked together with their team very closely and involved them in the creative process from the start, so we could deliver the project on time, within scope & budget.

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